Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a (almost) photo-only post!

The current monthly theme circulating around EGL has to do with wardrobes and taking pictures and posting everything in your lolita wardrobe!  Since I'm home sick from school today, I decided to do it!  So here's my wardrobe.

my two OPs!  from left to right: BODYLINE, metamorphose
brand JSKs!  from left to right: Angelic Pretty, AP, meta
all handmade
all handmade
both handmade
both AP
from left to right: BABY The Stars Shine Bright, meta
all handmade
from left to right: handmade, handmade, In The Starlight (my first lolita item!)
both handmade
clockwise from top left: Anna House, meta, BODYLINE, BtSSB, Anna House
clockwise from top left: BODYLINE, Hellcatpunks, BtSSB, offbrand
from left to right: AP, AP, AP, ALICE and the PIRATES, meta, Innocent World, BtSSB (horizontally)
from top to bottom: Doc Marten's, offbrand, an*tai*na
too many to list!  mainly handmade, BtSSB, AP, and offbrand
I realize now that I have so much stuff!  Still, I would love to expand my wardrobe even more in this coming year.


  1. You never know how much you really have until you lay it all out XD

    There are so many handmade pieces! Were they sewn by you? If so...AWESOME JOB!

  2. Yep, everything labeled "handmade" was sewn by me! :)