Tuesday, July 19, 2011

day 3 - 10 things you hate in lolita

from tumblr
★ I hate "casual lolita" if it's just a lolita skirt with no petticoat and a t-shirt.  I feel like you've got to put some accessories in there somewhere, and just wear a cutsew instead of a non-lolita t-shirt...they're not hard to find and some of them can be really cute!  I've found cute shirts (not t-shirts) at Forever21 that could be worked into a lolita coordinate but aren't expensive or over-the-top.  Otherwise, I do like casual lolita, and I wear it all the time.

☆ I hate how little I can wear lolita during the summer.  I really can't; right now, it's 94 degrees Fahrenheit with a heat index of around 105.  I can't wear lolita in that heat!  So I feel kind of bad that I have so many dresses and stuff that I can't really wear year-round.
★ I hate that I feel bad for dressing in what I like.  When I wear sweet lolita, I get tons of glares, nasty comments, and snickers, and sometimes I just can't handle that.  Even within the lolita community, I feel like I'm somewhat shunned because it seems that it's cool to hate Angelic Pretty and those wigs that are so popular now.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hate feeling like an outcast where ever I go!  (but that sounds dumb when I say it that way.)
☆ I hate that awkward first hour or so at a meet-up.  I don't really know my local lolitas very well (I was one of the starting members, but the others have kind of dropped away and newer people have come in, so I'm not well acquainted with them) and I'm very shy, so this gets a bit uncomfortable.  
★ I hate that people assume that because I like lolita (something from Japan) I must like every single other Japanese thing ever.  Sure, I like Japanese food and video games, but no, I don't like anime or manga.  Don't approach me and talk about anime just because I'm wearing a Japanese fashion.
☆ I hate that I'm usually one of the only people around who doesn't like J-pop/K-pop.  People have these long conversations about that music and become friends, and I'm sitting in the corner listening to my Andrew Jackson Jihad and Decemberists.  Yes, I am a hipster outside of lolita.
★ I hate when I feel bad for buying something from Bodyline.  I don't know why I do this, but I always do!  I think to myself, "Oh, people are going to look down on me, I won't feel pretty in this like I do in my other clothes," but then it arrives at my house, I try it on, and it looks good.  I don't know why I always get so freaked out about buying from them though.  I'm feeling that still because I just bought my first Dream of Lolita replica and I'm kind of apprehensive about receiving it.  (Oh well, it should get here it 2 months, maybe I'll have calmed down by then.)
☆ I hate how hard it is to find loliable things in my local area!  I am always searching for cute and elegant things, but I can only ever find tacky things.  (Especially when I'm searching for plugs; yes, I know that the market for stretched ears isn't the biggest where I live, but I would really like to find SOME nice ones.)
★ I hate when people mix print head bows!  This sounds really elitist to say . . .  However, I would rather see someone with a plain head bow than one of a completely different print.  (If the prints are similar, this is okay, but I have seen people wear completely different prints and they just don't . . . look good to me.)
☆ I hate when people post fairy-kei outfits on daily_lolita.  I like fairy-kei, but it's a totally different style!  There is a separate community for fairy-kei outfit posts!

Honestly, most of these are just pet peeves, not things I necessarily hate . . .  If I hated lolita, I wouldn't be in the fashion!

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  1. I agree on all of these! Hatehatehate standard tshirts with Lolita, hate it when people have a dress in one print and a differen print bag or headbow! I also don't really like jrock :p
    Also bodyline and replicas.. I like both and I hate that I feel guilty for it :/