Friday, July 15, 2011

day 2 - 10 things you love about lolita

from tumblr
★ I love twinning!  I love sweet lolita twinning, gothic lolita, classic lolita (though honestly, I don't know if I've ever seen that!  It would be adorable though!) any kind!  But I only like it when it's done all out: the same dress, blouse, socks, shoes, hairstyle, hair accessories; otherwise, it just looks like you accidentally wore the same dress as someone else.
☆ I love the OTT trend that has been so popular recently.  I'm really sad that it's on the apparent decline!  I especially love the huge wigs, and I really wish I could wear them all the time without getting as many stares as I would . . .
★ I love sweet lolita.  In any form: OTT, casual, old-school (I especially like old-school because it's easy and comfortable to dress in.)
☆ I love prints.  Angelic Pretty prints are usually my favourite, but I also really like BABY, The Stars Shine Bright and metamorphose's prints!  And when people design their own prints, because they usually end up being amazing looking and are super creative.

★ I love browsing daily_lolita and seeing what people are doing differently.  Although I tend to follow the rules of lolita pretty strictly (just because that is easier for me) I love seeing people bending and breaking the rules and coming up with their own form of lolita.  I also like when people mix styles and look awesome while doing it.
☆ I love that there are so many nerdy lolitas!  It makes me feel awesome that I can talk to so many people about fashion and, in the same conversation, talk about Doctor Who and World of Warcraft.
★ I love the sheer variety of sub-styles within lolita.  I really want to try them all out someday and hopefully I can get a wardrobe that could accommodate all the different sub-styles.  And, for this reason, it's a lot of fun looking at street snaps or photo sharing websites, because even though everyone is wearing lolita, it all can look completely different.
☆ I love meet-ups and looking at meet-up photos!  I always have fun looking at people's meet-up photos when they post them on EGL because I love seeing lolitas in action!
★ I love the common motifs in lolita, like Alice in Wonderland, tea parties, cakes, macarons, cookies, bunnies, kittens, puppies, toys, etc.  Some people say that this gets repetitive, but I really like seeing how different pieces with the same motifs can look really different!
☆ I love the idea behind lolita.  I was always interested in Victorian attire when I was younger and finding lolita was one of the greatest things that I have discovered on the internet.

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