Thursday, March 31, 2011


In recent times, French macarons have risen in popularity, among sweet lolitas and the rest of the world.  I really like baking and I think that macarons are really fun to make because they're a bit of a challenge!  When my French class was having a food day, I decided to try a new recipe and it turned out really well!  Here's the recipe that I used and here are some pictures from my test run!

the finished product + massive photoshop!

the filling!  my mom said it tasted like scrambled eggs, but I thought it was pretty tasty.
As you can see, the color didn't turn out too well!  They were supposed to be purple but they turned out a kind of disgusting grey color.  The filling was mixed berry which is why I wanted them purple, but it's no big deal!  Even if they looked gross, I think they tasted good.  I think this was the best recipe I've found.

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