Wednesday, February 9, 2011

winter and lolita!

Sorry for not updating for a while!  I've been really busy with school work (my next post is going to be about that very subject) so I haven't been on the computer much.  I'm actually supposed to be studying for a test on the French Revolution, but I need a break!  So I'm just going to write a (relatively) short post today.

from the Angelic Pretty Sendai blog!
It's winter-time and I love winter!  I love wrapping up in tons of layers and wearing scarves and coats.  The only bad thing about winter is that I can't stand wearing lolita!  It's so hard for me to get out of bed 30 minutes (or more!) early just so I can wear lolita to school.  Don't get me wrong, I love wearing lolita more than anything, but it's gets increasingly difficult to wear in cold weather.  Where I live, it doesn't get too cold (usually around 15 - 30 degrees Fahrenheit on a particularly cold day) but still too cold for me to wear lolita.  I'm really envious of the people who can still wear it in the winter -- I think girls look adorable when they're wrapped up in poofy skirts and fluffy scarves and cardigans!

There are so many adorable winter wear items that I see on the store blogs, personal blogs, and in outfit shots, and it really inspires me to grab my petticoat and wear a bunch of layers!

I really love super casual coordinates like this one from the Angelic Pretty blog.  When I'm at school, I usually only wear casual coordinates, usually pairing a skirt with a cute t-shirt or cardigan!  So I love seeing casual coordinates from brands, because they give me inspiration on keeping my toned-down lolita style interesting to me.  This combination of the apron skirt (which kind of looks like their popular and casual salopettes) with the comfortable looking hoodie is just adorable!  Though I'm not too fond of the Candy Border socks with this, but I think everything else is cute, and I do like the idea of mixing printed socks with a different print dress.

from the BTSSB Shizuoka blog!
This outfit is from the BABY, The Stars Shine Bright Shizuoka blog.  Even though there aren't many components to this outfit, I still think it's really adorable!  I never really loved long-sleeved blouses, but I really like how this looks under this JSK/one piece.  I also love how, even though this dress isn't inherently winter-y (it is short-sleeved after all, and probably not made of any specifically winter fabric, like wool) the red and green tartan screams "this is a winter dress!" to me.  I love simple coordinates like these just as much as I like casual ones, like the above one.

Do the seasons ever affect what fashions/styles you wear?  What's your favourite winter lolita coordinate?

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